Is it ever okay to lie?

Most of us come to adoption with a sense of purpose, and often a feeling of urgency. It may have taken years to make the decision to adopt, but once it’s made, we want things to move along as quickly as possible. It can be daunting and rather frustrating to realize that at minimum three

Chosing An Agency|The Process

Soft Referrals vs Firm Referrals: Sorting It All Out

Recently Jennifer G left a comment about soft referrals. She said: “According to my agency, some agencies make “soft” referrals of babies/children. That is, they offer referrals before the babies’ dossiers have been officially approved. They say this approval process normally takes four months from the time a baby is found orphaned or abandoned (this


10 things everyone should ask any agency before choosing them

Did you ask your agency???? 1. Do you pay unpublished cash fees to the orphanage in any way (donation or otherwise)?  Any kind of unpublished fees provide incentive for for more profits for the cash-strapped orphanages. 2. Do you pay the hospitals in the area of the orphanage(s) you work with “humanitarian support” or any


Artificial Twinning

Picture this: you wait patiently for a referral. You don’t voice a preference for a baby girl or a baby boy, you just want a baby. Your homestudy indicates that you would accept two children but that is more a formality encouraged by your social worker than anything else.  Finally it is referral day! The phone rings