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Artificial Twinning, Revisited

Since writing the original artificial twinning post I’ve spoken to several families and read even more accounts about artificial twins and, based on the comments from the last post, I felt some clarity and expansion on the issue was in order. The post was not meant to detail out the pros and cons of consensual adoption

Chosing An Agency|Ethics

An Agency, Uncovered

Recently Rebecca over at Adoption Blogs posted a long and well-researched blog post all about Little Pearls Adoption Agency and its history. This is good information to read for those researching agencies. She says, After reading all of this, I have to reiterate “Do your research!” We are so lucky that we have the Internet and

Chosing An Agency|Ethics


editors note: This post was originally located at Mrs. Broccoli Guy and moved to VVAI in Aug. 2012. For the most part, since we started VVAI I try to keep my “soapbox” type posts over there. I mean, I think the discussion of ethics belongs on every adoption blog, but rather than double post it

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Making Sense of Referral Waits

In recent months many agencies have notified their clients that the wait time for a referral is going up. Where previously it may have been 3-6 months, now agencies are quoting 12-18 or even 18 to 24 months. PAP’s are understandably frustrated at the increasing waits and the seeming slowdown of referrals. Is there a