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Umbrellaing – an Overview

Have you heard the term umbrellaing used in relation to International Adoption? The term is used to loosely define any agency that does not, themselves, hold a license to conduct adoptions in a foreign country but, instead, works with a licensed agency in order to gain access to a credible license. The word umbrellaing is

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Who Really Has The Power?

If it’s true, as a few commenters suggested in Nicki’s last post, that in fact many agencies do not seek transparency and the corrupt ones do not have any incentive to work ethically, what can be done? Who can hold agencies, facilitators and attorneys accountable? Personally, I rather liked Nicki’s rallying cry for all P/AP’s

Chosing An Agency|Ethics

SLAPP, Threats & other Agency Bullying Tactics

A few years ago a t least one well-known and poorly reputed facilitator made an attempt to  put an end to the negative publicity she had garnered through years of corrupt behavior by bringing lawsuits against several parents for defamation after they spoke out against her corruption in public forums including a large email list. Some of these

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Google Map: Agencies By Province

I created a Google map where you can see the location of each province in Vietnam that currently has at least one U.S. adoption agency licensed. By clicking on the name of the province or one of the blue “bubbles” on the map, you can see the full list of each agency working in that