Guest Commentary: The Responsibility of the AP to the PAP

Written by Dianna Brodine, a Prospective Adoptive Parent who is traveling to Vietnam to adopt in early November. What responsibility does the AP (or long-time PAP) have to educate new PAPs? Even before I open this dialogue with you, I should explain that 20 months ago I was one of ‘those’ PAPs. We had talked

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Adoption Ethics 101 and 201

The decision to adopt a child internationally is one of the biggest, most impactful decisions we will ever make. We owe it to ourselves and even more so, to our children, to make an informed decision. It’s not enough to choose a “good” agency and then trust them to take care of the rest. If

The Process

Clarification on new 1600 filing procedures

10/25/07: The USCIS Update has been posted to their website. This update is very similar to the information posted below, with this additional clarification: USCIS will forward all Form I-600s received in domestic USCIS field offices on or after October 29, 2007 to its Ho Chi Minh City office.After November 16, 2007, USCIS will not