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A Visit to Vietnam

This contribution is republished from the November 2007 Welcome House newsletter, with permission. Thank you, Leonette, for allowing us to share this wonderfully balanced insight into the state of adoption in Vietnam right now! ~ VVAI By Leonette Boiarski, Welcome House® Director Children at Nha Trang Orphanage. In October, I had the pleasure of visiting

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More Visa Issues in the News

U.S. won’t open its gates for Eden The McRoberts went to Vietnam in September to adopt Eden and baby girl Jordan, both of whom were abandoned in Thai Nguyen Province. … Jordan got a visa to come to the United States, McRoberts said. But instead of a visa for Eden, “we got a NOID —


Guest Commentary: Why I am taking this personally

The following commentary is written by Tracy, an adoptive parent of two children. I was a PLAN family, I try not to say that very often because 1) I don’t think it’s relevant to most of what I post and 2) in many peoples eyes it automatically discredits anything I am about to say. I

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Visa Issues in the News

Rogers Woman Stuck In Vietnam With Adopted Child Teri McClain, a world away without much outside communication, has spent most of the last four weeks with her new child in Hanoi, Vietnam, sitting, waiting and hoping for a breakthrough. One wrong answer last month caused her and three other families with newly adopted children to