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Reprinted with permission from Ethica:Ethica, Inc. has received troubling reports of severe, cold weather in northern Vietnam that has taken a toll on orphanages in Hanoi, Bac Giang, Hay Tay, and Bac Ninh provinces. We understand 3 children have died in the past week and 10 more less than a year old have been hospitalized. In the past two months, 9 of 19 infected infants have died.

Government officials at the National Fund for Vietnamese Children are concerned that many more children will be vulnerable to a virulent form of rhinovirus that has in some cases, progressed to pneumonia. This fatal for institutionalized infants and children already vulnerable to illness. The officials have met and given Ethica’s representative in Hanoi permission to secure and deliver much needed blankets, heaters, warm clothing, and formula on March 7th and 8th. We estimate that $9,350 USD will be needed for this emergency relief fund which will assist 469 children under 16 years old and 152 babies from 1-7 months old.

We only have 3 DAYS TO FUNDRAISE.

Currently, Ethica’s involvement in Vietnam has been to evaluate irregularities in international adoption processes and advocate for ethical and transparent adoption policies and practices. As our mission is to assist all adoption community members, we are providing short term emergency care as we determine long term policy objectives.

Our hope is that in a month’s time, we will be able to transition the children’s needs to more permanent funders through a coalition of local and international NGOs.

You can make a difference in the lives of the children we serve by making a 501-C-3 tax deductible gift to Ethica, Inc. We cannot help these children without your contributions.

  •  $30 donation will provide an infant with formula for one month.
  •  $300 donation will buy 100 baby blankets.
  •  $300 donation will buy 100 warm baby outfits.
  •  $500 donation will buy 100 warm children’s outfits.
  •  $600 donation will buy 100 children’s blankets.

 We are currently awaiting estimates for heaters, medicines, and delivery costs.

To donate please visit this link and follow up with a note to that your donation is to go towards the Blankets for Babies Fund.

Additional information on this effort with notes, updates, and photos of each orphanage will be posted at and our blog . We are seeking graphic and web savvy volunteers to assist us in creating a blog button and page for this fund. Please contact Linh at for more details. Thank you.


I adopted my daughter from Phu Tho province, Vietnam in the fall of 2006. I have seen, first hand, the corruption that can and does routinely occur both within agencies and within the government and I have seen parents held at the mercy of the corruption. I have also seen beautiful, ethical adoptions occur and these adoptions have inspired me to actively promote a more thorough education and understanding of adopting with integrity in Vietnam and worldwide.


  1. Is anyone getting through on the email? I donated and tried to email but it won’t go through. What happens to the money if they don’t get the email?

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