Last week we saw that the new assistant to US Secretary of State in charge of consular affairs, Janice L. Jacobs was in Vietnam working with Vietnamese officials on a variety of matters.  One of those matters was adoption; Throughout the course of her stay in Vietnam, from Feb.9 to 12, Jacobs will attend meetings

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Ethica’s Webinar Series

From Ethica: Ethica is pleased to offer its first webinar series for prospective adoptive families as they begin to pursue the adoption process.  Please join us as we explore issues surrounding adoption fraud, how to choose an agency, and the implications of adopting from a “Hague” country.  Note that space is limited so please register


The Lie we Love is not a Lie?

On Monday the Salt Lake City Tribune published a letter to the editor from Dr. Jane Aronson.  Dr. Aronson commented on the article published by E.J. Graff. She call Graff’s piece a “inaccurate account of international adoption (that)  is extremely painful to both adoptive parents and their children. To read the full letter by Dr.