Last week we saw that the new assistant to US Secretary of State in charge of consular affairs, Janice L. Jacobs was in Vietnam working with Vietnamese officials on a variety of matters.  One of those matters was adoption;

Throughout the course of her stay in Vietnam, from Feb.9 to 12, Jacobs will attend meetings with a number of Vietnamese officials, giving her the opportunity to discuss issues connected to the establishment of diplomatic representative offices, child adoption programmes and other general consular matters.

While forward movement is positive, it is very important that we look to history to remind us of how long these things can take, as well as what can happen even if time and care are taken.
The last shut-down lasted from the end of 2002 until an MOU was signed in July of 2005.
Even then, we saw that with all the negotiations it took that time, the system was wrought with loopholes and problems from the very beginning.
As we continue to advocate for ethical adoptions from Vietnam, it is very important to remember that our priority is on working hard to make a system that protects those who are most vulnerable, the children.

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