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“Not In My Adoption”…What Price Ignorance?

Adoption Corruption has been in the headlines again recently. Perhaps many in the Vietnam-Adoptive community haven’t noticed because the countries in the spotlight this time around are Samoa and India. Relieved that our day in the spotlight is finally over, many in our community have chosen to move on and put the difficult and stressful days

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Statement from Ethica on a US/Vietnam MOU

In February, we posted a report that the new assistant to US Secretary of State in charge of consular affairs, Janice L. Jacobs was in Vietnam working with Vietnamese officials on a variety of matters, including adoption. However, we cautioned PAPs (prospective adoptive parents) that a new agreement could still take time. Last week, Ethica issued

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Ireland: Vietnamese adoptions thrown into doubt

From the UK Times Online: Last year both America and Sweden suspended new adoptions from Vietnam. According to the state department’s annual report on human-rights practices, released last month, there are serious problems with the Vietnamese system. It said: “There were multiple arrests of private citizens and government officials for offering payments to birth parents