A daughter kidnapped at 3 years old in Thanh Hoa Province

From Lê Thanh Trang, born on November 20, 1995, was kidnaped on July 17, 1998 at 6 p.m at her home in Thanh Hoa Province while she was playing in the yard. The mother was cooking dinner and the father was working in Saigon. The birthparent of Mr. Le Khac Dau, born in 1956

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Anti-human trafficking bill goes under the microscope

From Viet Nam News: National Assembly deputies stressed the need for a comprehensive law to combat trafficking, but said the current draft was not detailed enough and would be unfeasible. “It is impossible to bring the current draft law to life as it will cause a conflict with other legal documents,” deputy Chu Son Ha

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Vietnamese Journalists Investigate Baby Buying In Da Nang

On October 8th, Bao Nguyen and Duy Nghia of Than Ninh News published the results of their one month investigation into allegations by sex-workers that they were solicited and paid to relinquish their babies. Their findings are similar to those revealed in the recently released State Department documents, though those did not specifically name Da


U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam responds to “Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis” and updates readers on the status of Vietnam adoptions

Mr. Michael W. Michalak, U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, responded to the article “Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis” in Foreign Policy magazine and updated readers on the status of future adoptions from Vietnam. His response is as follows: Dear Foreign Policy Editors: Kudos to Ms. Graff for tackling the very vexing issue of intercountry adoption. It’s one