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Two jailed for child trafficking in Vietnam

From The Independent Online: A court in Hanoi sentenced two people to four and five years in jail for planning to sell a new-born baby in Hanoi, a court official said Wednesday. Hanoi People’s Court sentenced Nguyen Van Hai, 42, and his sister-in-law Ngo Thi Sang, 37 for trafficking children, court secretary Tran Cong Hach

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Pictures of hope for Ruc families

From Thanh Nien News: Years after their sons and daughters were ‘stolen’ and adopted abroad without their consent, a number of Vietnamese parents have finally been shown proof the children are alive and well. Now, their poor hill-tribe villagers face a moral dilemma. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary family picture: a doting

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Orphans Used by Temple Director to Make Money

From Very Vietnam: By constructing a building with the name “Tiên Phước 2 Temple” and gathering orphaned children to raise, a so-called “nun” has quickly become rich with money from sympathetic donors… At the end of an alleyway, stood a three-storey house with yellow paint on its exterior, a spacious interior and a Buddha statuette

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US Department of State Adoption Notice – June 15, 2011

From the US Department of State: Vietnam June 2011 Notice: Adoption Notice Vietnam Intercountry adoption is not possible from Vietnam at this time. Adoption service providers and prospective adoptive parents should not seek or accept new (or potential) adoption referrals from Vietnam until an announcement is posted that the United States Citizenship and Information Service