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Vietnam Authorizes Third Agency to process adoptions

The U.S. State Department published an alert on June 24th stating that :

Vietnam’s Central Adoption Authority, the Ministry of Justice, announced that it has authorized U.S. accredited adoption service provider Alliance for Children to facilitate the adoption of Vietnamese children under the Special Adoption Program.

It was not made clear why this agency was selected at this time and not when the other two agencies were authorized.

While there are currently adoptions in process with Holt International and Dillon International, no adoptions have been completed yet under the new process.

In March 2014 when we first learned that Alliance For Children was hoping to be licensed in Vietnam, VVAI contacted AFC to attempt to confirm their eligibility for the program as set forth by the standards given by the Vietnamese Department of Adoption.  AFC declined to answer our questions for the record. At present their website features an announcement about their new program in Vietnam and includes the basic parameters set forth by the Vietnamese authorities, as well as contact information to learn more about their program.

Holt International has detailed information about the criteria for their program here. They are advising applicants to expect that the process may take two to three years from application to placement, on average, adding it “may take longer as this is a pilot program between Vietnam and the U.S.”

Dillon International also has detailed information about their criteria for the Vietnam program here, and provide additional information including the estimated cost on their Program Comparison Chart.

As always, VVAI strongly encourages all prospective PAP’s to research all agencies processing adoptions in Vietnam by asking questions about the agency, the in-country staff for each agency, record of adoptions before the last shut-down, in-country programs and projects, as well as each agency’s long term commitment to the country. For more information on choosing an agency, we suggest you start with this post titled “When Adoptions Begin Again.”


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