Revising Our Scope And Our Name

Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity is now Voices for Adoption Integrity.

Why did we remove “Vietnam” from our name?

In 2018, due to the changing landscape of adoption ethics and issues, our focus has shifted to educating and collaborating on relevant issues of adoption ethics and integrity worldwide rather than acutely focused on Vietnam alone. This will allow readers, contributors and editors to more thoroughly explore issues significant to adoptions today.

If your interest is in Vietnam adoptions, you will still find useful pertinent information here.  Know that our commitment and our connection to the Vietnam adoption community has not changed.  And in addition to information specific to Vietnam, you will also find posts that address issues that are relevant to all inter-country adoptions, regardless of country of origin.

Because the landscape of adoption changes so rapidly, we want to meet the needs of prospective adoptive families by looking at the full scope of countries and programs.  Wherever your adoption journey takes you, we hope to help you see it through with integrity.

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Christina Chronister

Christina has adopted two children from SE Asia in 2002 and 2006. Her experience adopting at the time of the U.S. shutdown in Cambodia was eye-opening and led to the creation of a parent-led advocacy group which successfully lobbied for the review and subsequent approval of hundreds of adoptions caught in the pipeline. Her involvement, which included meeting with State Department officials and working with members of Congress, did not end when all the pipeline cases were resolved. Rather it became clear that accountability was sadly lacking in adoptions around the world. The most vulnerable (and yet the most vital) parties in adoptions – children and families – were underrepresented at the table in nearly every discussion. In 2006 she co-founded Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity to continue to raise awareness of the need for ethical practices at every step of the adoption process. In 2018 Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity changed their name to Voices for Adoption Integrity, recognizing that the struggle is not limited to any one country or program.

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