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Voices for Adoption Integrity, formerly Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity, is a volunteer collaborative effort, founded in 2006. Our education, outreach and advocacy is overseen by parents who have been through the adoption process in Vietnam, and other countries, and have gained knowledge and concern about ethics and integrity. We hope to help educate others and continue to voice the necessity for ethical adoptions in Vietnam and worldwide.

In 2018, due to the changing landscape of adoption ethics and issues, our focus has shifted to the educational and collaboration of information relevant to issues of adoption ethics and integrity worldwide rather than acutely focused on Vietnam alone. This will allow readers, contributors and editors to more thoroughly explore issues relevant to adoptions today.

Readers and our larger community of Adoptive and potential Adoptive Families, Agencies and governments are encouraged to participate. There are two easy ways anyone can participate at VAI:

1) Contribute an article or blog post. Please do not worry about your viewpoint being in line with the editors’ own viewpoints. We celebrate diversity of opinion. We edit for clarity, grammar and punctuation but that’s it. We reserve the right to turn down a flagrantly offensive or off the mark submission but this has yet to occur.

2) Comment on posts and submissions with thoughts, questions or opinions relevant to the post you are commenting on.

Please note that in the past, comments have gotten offensive and off target to the original post. While we do not believe in censoring of different viewpoints and, in fact, encourage diversity in opinion, we do reserve the right to remove any comment that is off topic, offensive or attacking of the website, a post author or commenter. Feel free to challenge ideas but attacking people directly will not be tolerated.

If you have a comment about our website feel free to submit it via email to instead. We love feedback, good or bad!


  1. Great to find you.
    I am Irish and have come near the end of our obligatory 5 year wait for a baby from Vietnam. Last year out Intergovernmental Agreement was found to be fundamentally flawed when the main Vietnamese partner was exposed as a fraudster.
    We have today received a referral of a beautiful young girl. I need integrity in this process. I do not want to find out in 2,5, 10, 20 years that my daughter was robbed of her identity.

  2. Hi,

    If you have completed an adoption from Vietnam, is there anyone who you would recommend that could do some investigation into the background of your adoption, and if it was all above board, etc? Could you email me with some idea of how to go about this in a diplomatic fashion,


  3. Concerned-

    I have attempted to look into my daughter’s adoption from Phu Tho but have been unsuccessful. There is a Yahoo group called Birth Parent Contact where you could possibly find information, or you could see if your daughter’s province has its own Yahoo group. Maybe someone there can provide some insight.

    Good luck. I am in the same boat as you.

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