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Children And Families First

Whether you are an adoptee, an adoptive parent, a hopeful-adoptive parent, or simply have a heart for adoption, your voice is needed today. The State Department is set to enforce regulations for adoption agencies that have been on the books for years – regulations that will protect children and families from exploitation and heartache. The

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Because It’s Not About Us

From the moment we decided to adopt, I have been reading books about adopting (from the view of the adoptive parent) and going to yahoo groups to talk with other adoptive parents, and writing blogs to other adoptive parents. All of that was very good. Because I am adoptive parent and it helps to talk


A Plea

What do you want me to say?  You who are waiting, waiting, waiting, for a child, your heart so frustrated and tender that the slightest bit of negativity sends you into a tailspin.  I know that feeling.  I lived that feeling.  Twice.  It is hard and so very painful.  Sometimes it feels like you can’t