Vietnam Agency Hague-Status

Agencies licensed in Vietnam that were denied Hague-accreditation:

Adopt International
Adoptions From The Heart
Commonwealth Adoption International
Florida Home Studies and Adoptions, Inc.
Plan Loving Adoption Now
Worldwide Adoption Services (WAS)

Hague-accredited agencies licensed in Vietnam:

Adoption Center of Washington
Adoptions Together, Inc.
Alliance for Children
Americans for International Aid and Adoptions
Carolina Adoption Services
Children’s Home Society and Family Services (CHSFS)
Children’s Hope International
Children’s House Internationl*
Crossroads Adoption Services
Dillon International
Faith International Adoption
Families Thru International Adoption
Gift of Love
Hawaii International Child & Family Services, Inc.
Holt International
Lutheran Social Service Minnesota
Lutheran Community Services of South New England Inc.
New Beginnings
Orphans Overseas
Pearl S. Buck International
Small World Adoption Foundation of Missouri
World Association for Children & Parents (WACAP)
Wasatch International

Agencies licensed in Vietnam that are not listed on this list of Hague-accredited agencies:

Adoptions International, Inc (agency website claims they are working on accreditation)
International Assistance and Adoption Project
Rainbow House International
World Child International

A.D.O.P.P.T Inc. (closed)
Asian Children’s Services and Vietnam Humanitarian Corp (closed)
Harrah’s Adoptions International Mission (originally approved, now closed)
International Children’s Alliance (originally approved for 1 year, now closed)
Little Pearls Adoption Agency (closed)
Los Ninos International Adoption Center (originally approved for 1 year, now closed)
Mandala Adoption Services (originally approved, now closed)
Ventures for Children International (closed)
Vietnamese Orphans Relief Fund (closed)

*Originally denied, later approved


  1. You might want to include a list (or link to the list) of agencies that have applied for accredition, but have not yet been accredited. Here’s the link to the list:

    When I go through that list, then I come up with 6 agencies that do not appear on either the “accredited”, “temporary accredited” or “has applied for accredition” list:

    Asian Children’s Services and Vietnam Humanitarian Corp
    Florida Home Studies and Adoptions, Inc.
    Little Pearls Adoption Agency
    Ventures for Children International
    Vietnamese Orphans Relief Fund

  2. I find it interesting that 3 of the 6 are also among the 6 that did not sign the JCIS Standards of Practice. The three that are on both lists are A.D.O.P.P.T., Florida Home Studies and Adoptions, Inc., and Little Pearls Adoption Agency.

    I know nothing about Florida Home Studies, but I know enough about ADOPPT and Little Pearls to wonder if they are deciding to pack it in because they may not be able to survive if the standards and rules are enforced.

    Just a thought.

  3. Good info! I’ll add it to the list, above. Verrry interesting!

    I just want to add that as I was updating the list, FHSA IS on the application list (but not yet on the approval list)

  4. Hello,
    Asian Children Services VHC has not applied for Hague Accreditation and has no plan to do so. After 14 years working in Viet Nam we decided last year to begin to phase out the adoption part of our program. We have phased out half of the program and expect to have completed our final adoptions this fall. ACS has signed the JCICS Standards of Practice We look forward to developing new ways to support our humanitarian work in Viet Nam.
    Rose Mari Battisti

  5. Plan Loving Adoptions Now
    World Partners Adoption
    Worldwide Adoption Services
    Are now also listed as denied.

  6. The list is updated to reflect the most recent denials. Just a note to say that World Partners Adoption is not an agency licensed to conduct adoptions in Vietnam.

  7. I just want to say that I am so sad to hear that ACS won’t be doing adoptions any longer in VN. Rosemarie has contributed so much to the country of Vietnam in so many ways- and I know many can vouch for the ethical upstanding program she has run for so many years.

  8. I know that no one can talk about specific agencies aloud in a public forum, but I am really peeved that so many people are encouraging Hague Accredidation before re-opening Viet Nam to US adoptions when I know, from talking to the APs who went through it, that some of agencies on the accredited list are the very ones who the Embassy has written about in its reports. They are referring to events that happened with some of these now accredited agencies. I can see that a few “bad ones” were lost in the not-accredited crowd, but I can also see that a few of the best, most ethical ones have been weeded out by this Hague crap too. Hague is not going to accomplish much.

  9. Does anyone know if Mandala Adoption Services is still in business? They were my agency (when I was hoping to adopt a baby from Vietnam), but I can no longer access their website.


  10. A.D.O.P.P.T. did not (and will not) apply for the Hague. They will be closing after their final family’s adoption is complete. The founder’s are divorcing and have found no compatible way to divide the company so they chose to dissolve.
    Very sad, they were a great agency to me and my family!

  11. Hello,
    My husband and I have recently decided to adopt from Vietnam only to sadly find out that Vietnam is no longer allowing adoptions to the United States.
    We are new to this process and did have our hearts set on Vietnam since my husband was born there.
    I’m not sure if anyone on this blog can help us out with any information about the adoption process between the US and Vietnam.
    Can the process be started while we are waiting for a new agreement between the two countries to be signed?
    Any help or information would be of great value to us.
    Thank you

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