Post Placement Reports

In an effort to help our community fulfill our obligation to the country of our children’s birth, VVAI wants to provide some resources to help families with their post placement reports.  On this page you will find a form letter to help you write your post placement report, a contact person for various agencies, resources for document translation if you need to send it directly to the DIA, as well as who/whom we send these documents to if our agencies are not being proactive in helping us.

PLEASE, if your agency has not provided resources for you to follow through with your post placement reports, let us know via comment or email.  If you have information that could help us put together a database of contact people at each agency, provincial information for those people who are sending their reports directly to Vietnam, please let us know.


  1. World Child International has not reponded to emails about where to send my post placement reports. I have been delinquent and now really want to send the reports we promised. As I’m not getting reponses from World Child, I think I should send the reports directly to the officials in VietNam.

    I need contact information for Thai Nguyen and Nam Dihn.

    ~Christine in AL

  2. Christine-

    After reading your comment, my wife and I became concerned as well. We, too, used WCI as our agency. We received the first post placement report form from WCI and never heard from them again. After some time has passed, it dawned on us that we hadn’t fulfilled our reporting requirement. THis was on our own, WCI never contacted us.

    I became concerned and called the local representative for WCI and they told us to “just complete the report using the previous form and send it to WCI.” I asked if I should send it to Vietnam and her response was to send it to WCI.

    I am concerned about the process because I feel like I owe it to my son to respect and follow the process with his birth country. I am disenchancted by the guidance, or I should say, lack there of, from WCI.

    Regardless, we need to try to do what’s right for our children so I hope my posting has helped in some way. I’d be interested to hear if others have had similar experiences and if you’ve received resolution on your question, Christine.


  3. To those of you who may be following these postings, I received the following from WCI after emailing them. I contacted WCI at the following address:

    From WCI 28 January 2010

    “The next reports are due in March and I suggest that you catch up by filling out the form and just falling in at that time. You can send it in any time between now and then. We try to send out reminders to families but sometimes they do not get there. The reports are due in September and March for the first three years and then the March reports fall off and just the September reports remain until the child turns 18.

    The form that is attached here is the form that we are using now and for the forseable future. If changes are made to it we will let you know. otherwise, you may file it to use for future reports as well. The best thing to do and the most aceptable format is to have one individual photo of the child to attach to the front of the form, and then to make a page or collage of photos to attach to the form showing your child in additional activities or with familiy and friends. This covers all the bases and is easy for us to send in large quantities. It is very difficult fo us to send large quantities of extra loose photos.”

    Hope this helps!!!!

  4. Has WCI asked anyone else for a $ 25.00 translation fee?

    The above information is very helpful. What I got was a form and a letter saying it was the families responsibility, but they would send it and that I had to include &25.00 for translation.

    Anyone else have that information?

    Christine in al

  5. We were with Los Ninos. They have since closed, but the last address they gave us to send the reports to was:

    Dr. Vu Duc Long
    Dept. of International Adoption
    MOJ S.R. Vietnam
    60 Tran Phu, Hanoi

    From what I understand Vu Duc Long is no longer the head of this department. I’m not sure who is or if the department still exists. I’ll continue to send the reports here, but I’m not sure what to do about translation.

  6. I have read all the comments here. But I really do not know your reports what is it . I was a child in Vietnam and have been waiting two years since my country is suspension to the United States adopted. I know the site of the Department of Justice of my country: You can send your report on that page. If anyone needs translation, I can help you. No need to charge – Contact me via email: . !!

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