Form Letter for Post Placement Reports

  1. Greeting – Please structure your report as a letter.  You should address it using the following salutation (or something similar) “Dear officials of the Department of Intercountry Adoption and the Ministry of Justice of ________ Province.”  In the blank you should include the name of the province from which your child was adopted.
  2. Information to be included – Please include the following information in your report:
    1. Child’s current age
    2. Update on major changes that have occurred since the last report including (but not limited to):
      1. Developmental achievements – This can include physical, cognitive, social, emotional, speech and language, and/or psychological development.
      2. Educational progress – Please include updates about your child’s experience, progress, and challenges in school.  Things can include things like your child’s grade in school, favorite subjects, recent achievements, support services your child is receiving, etc.
      3. Likes and dislikes – Please include information about things that your child either likes or dislikes, such as activities, toys, foods, etc.
      4. Health conditions – Please include information about your child’s general health.  If your child had known special needs when placed with you, please include a discussion of these current special needs.
      5. Any other changes since the last report that you would like to include.
  3. Signatures – Original signatures from both parents should be included at the bottom of the report.
  4. Photos – Please include four to six photos of your child with your report.  At least one photo should include all members of the family.  Please use 3×5 or 4×6 photos and attach them to a piece of paper. Please DO NOT include pictures of pets, swimming, or your child in the bath, as these are considered culturally inappropriate.

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